Our story.

Our contribution

The sea. For everyone

A few years ago, we spent a lot of time thinking about how we can contribute to a better world. Our field, boating, does not easily lend itself to electrification due to the continuous high-power demand. The other challenge is the low usage rate of boats. On an average, boats are moored 99% of the time. For electrification to make any sense, we must provide means to share the resources and increase the amount of time boats are in use. With this in mind, we set out to lower the barriers for boating and create a boat that anyone can use, even complete beginners.

Callboats extend urban mobility onto the waters

However, along the way, the thought that our boat could be used to avoid congestion in cities built around water, started to make even more sense. Cities around the world are aspiring to become carbon neutral, and we can add a piece in the puzzle while providing a fun means of transport that in many cases is the fastest way to get around.

The first commercial operation started in 2020.

Mente Marine Ltd, Wolffintie 36 F11, 65200 VAASA, Finland