CAT 10  

CAT 10 electric passenger boat

The Callboats CAT 10 is a zero emission electric boat for passenger transport in city centers. Due to an efficient hull design, it may operate throughout the day. Solar panels provide part of the energy in daytime and during nighttime, the batteries are charged from an ordinary outlet.

Operators can supervise the boat using a Remote Control Center, and the Callboats app is available for customers to call the boat and pay for the ride. Optional features include automatic docking and autonomous driving.

Automatic docking turns the boat and docks without intervention from the captain. It automatically adjusts the gangway height and keeps the boat in position while customers exit and enter. This feature makes ferry operations easy to implement.

With autonomous driving and automatic docking, the captain can move ashore and supervise many boats at the time providing substantial operational savings. The boat can navigate and avoid obstacles using powerful sensing capabilities.

Principle characteristics

Passengers 12 (Max 20)
Dimensions Size: 9.9 x 3.5m
Weight 4000 kg
Speed Cruising 6 knots
Propulsion Electric
Hull Aluminum
Motors 2x10kW
Battery capacity 60 kWh, Liion, 48 V
Solar panels 1200W nominal
Charging 8kW 3-phase
Operating time 16 hours

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